How to add an icon next to menu item in navigation ?

Firstly, turn on view for CSS classes: “Screen options – CSS classes”.

Next, add CSS class to menu item by Editing menu items in Customiser.

And add custom CSS by defining your icon source and position. Probably the best way is to make original size icon for menu. You can also make transparent icon and make it’s custom position right on image, by this way you do not need to position icon image with CSS.

.menuicon {

background-image: url(‘’);

background-repeat: no-repeat;
padding-left: 5px
background-position: left;


How to add an icon next to menu item in navigation ?

Translation with CSS

A way to translate a part of HTML document with CSS, although you have all translations in one place hidden so it is not recommended for SEO, this way also overwrite the same CSS rule, but sometimes it may be useful. CSS defines language from HTML header document information, for example for English it would be “lang=en”.

span #textblock_en {display: none;}
span #textblock_fr {display: none;} 
span #textblock_ru {display: none;}

:lang(en) #textblock_en {display: block;}
:lang(fr) #textblock_fr {display: block;}
:lang(ru) #textblock_ru {display: block;}

Translation with CSS